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A little about me I guess goes here..well I bought my first Split bus in 1992 when I was 19 years old, a 1965 Devon Tourvette which I still have to this day!

Fast forward to 2005 and I bought my first Barndoor van having fancied a new project. That was a 1952 panel van which needed a lot of welding work but I finally got that on the road in 2007, since then I have restored a 1951 non rear window panel van (Kempes Barndoor) and now a 1954 Kohlruss converted Deluxe which was used as a hotel/Tour bus and is to this day the only one found. That was a huge restoration that took a couple of years work, I took the philosophy to repair every original panel no matter how bad it was to keep the bus the same bus.

I spent many years in IT before deciding that I really wanted to get away from that and into restoration and parts full time so I quit my IT job and started Type 29 Ltd based in the Gloucestershire country side in the UK.

One of my interests has always been the very early vans and I have been lucky enough to do restoration work on some very early 50 buses, several upright wheels and even one of the first 100 Sambas made. I make a fair bit of metal work and interior for these vans now, we have lots of the very early details of interior/seating, metal work and the peculiarities of these very early buses in our experience so we can get these vans done right.

I’m going to be adding new products to website and some more detail here as I go but please if you’re looking for some obscure metal work or a part that you don’t see then please ask, I may well make it or at least try!

Mark Spicer

Type 29Ltd

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